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Unsolicited call, no VM left.

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who are you bro

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This number is connected to a fraud company who claims they are connected and work for evergreen foundation, they have placed job opportunities on various jobsites such as indeed , careerbuilder and maybe plenty more . They will ask for your information then contact u saying they sent your check out

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calling me to see if my home is still on sale more than once called

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This message is solely intended for ____________ this is Jane Stoneberg independent courier. I'm calling in regards to certified documentation that I have scheduled for your service and signature. I previously attempted to notify you, I have not heard back from the filing party _______ on the status so I will actively be attempting the service of the documents to your residence or place of employment and once again if you have any further questions regarding this documentation or if you need to reschedule your service date you must contact the filing party's office directly. Number given was 281-612-7232 and a number reference was given. Can not back as the only thing that shows is the voice mail message from unknown. No number shows in call log and you can not block from voice message. Very annoying and one big scam

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They are calling under Med Advisory. Need to inform seniors NOT to answer .

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very gud ppl they help to give my money bck

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Said from Microsoft saying computer corrupted.

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nothing no answer

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i was called a troll and then they hung up

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Spam caller keeps calling using robocall, call the number back, all circuits are busy!

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Called looking for my son saying a courier service would drop off papers that need to be signed and if u need to reschedule please call but it's a unknown number that shows up. Sounds like a scam

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Company keeps calling asking to have my roof looked at...I have asked them multiple times to remove my number from their list and they still call... x0447 and x3176 as well

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A courier called my work number to tell me they were going to deliver documents to me. They did not know what they were for. They gave me this phone number to contact to get more information. They told me they would be delivering the documents to my PO Box. Yeah right. This is a scam.

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This number calls me late at night. Its ridiculous

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This person has been contacting my girl friend, harrassing her calling her innapropriot names and being a general nuisance to her.

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This number is a scam, don't give them any info.

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people trying to contact me and saying same thing, they will bring papers to my employer and when I asked what my account number was she didn't know and when I asked for the number who was trying to get money she didn't know that either so I hung up

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annoying calling every day. iam reporting

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They continue to call

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Said they were from Microsoft and were calling because I needed to remove a virus on my computer.

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They text me and call me every single day at least six and seven times a day I'm so sick of them doing it I have text them I have told them quit calling me I have done everything please please please stop them from calling me they call me from different numbers everywhere I can t remember all the numbers that called me from

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Specify ^

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This number has continuously contacted my cell phone daily , dozens of times . When I try to call the number back that they provide me with all that I hear is music (as if I'm on hold). They've contacted family members , no clue as to how . All they specific is "low confidence" documents and that they will be sent to a place of residency and or employment . The number appears on my phone as "unknown" , this is extremely frustrating and a complete scam.

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jason heffern drug dealer

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207 areas

# NPANXX OCN Phone Service County State
1 207-371 5111 NO NEW Bath ME
2 207-891 6232 NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS, Freeport ME
3 207-403 4121 MID-MAINE TELPLUS Lincoln ME
4 207-951 6386 BELL ATLANTIC Bangor ME
5 207-274 6386 BELL ATLANTIC Portland ME
6 207-470 9346 CHOICE ONE Camden ME
7 207-935 3316 NORTHLAND TELEPHONE Fryeburg ME
8 207-224 19 OXFORD COUNTY Turner ME
9 207-796 5111 NO NEW Princeton ME
10 207-456 5111 NO NEW Wytopitlk ME
11 207-692 9346 CHOICE ONE Waterville ME
12 207-546 5111 NO NEW Milbridge ME
13 207-862 10 HAMPDEN TELEPHONE Hampden ME
14 207-914 174A NEP, LLC Sanford ME
15 207-475 5111 NO NEW Kittery ME