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called 4-26-2017 9:36amrepeat Spammer

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This guy who doesn't speak a lick of English keeps calling me telling me he's calling from the IRS but calls me a ****? Uhm whoever it is is trying to get people's tax money I gurunte that! I'm sick of it. They call 10 times a day. It's ridiculous!

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I need to complain abt this number. (408) 809-3468. They have called several several times with a voice recording claiming to be the IRS and if you do not contact them back that they will have you arrested. All these spam calls and scam artist need to be stopped. Also number (515) 200- 1329 did the exact same thing except leave a message. When you talk to them, claiming to be IRS. Can't people get a real life and quit messing with others. Gezzz. Getting really old calling all day and night. Getn ready to change my number cuz of these ****s. Sorry. Thanks

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called on 4-24-2017 10:55amSpam

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called 4-17-2017, spammer

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4-22-2017 11:04pm near midnight and again 4-23-2017.Spammer from Legacy Community Management, property management in San Jose

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Threatening phones calls

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They call every day on an automated robocall trying to sell me a security system

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Called 4-19-2017 7:38pm Spam Tony South Park Way of wonderful online. Florida cruise

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Called 4-18-2017 2:23pm, no sound, robo call. Spammer

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Called 4-17-2017, 3:54pm, Spammer, robo called, interest rate 6% for your account, baa baa baa

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Spam call. Leave no message.

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Called 3-3-2017 5:41pm, spammer

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Called 4-11-2017, 12:25pm, no sound, just noise, spammer

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Craigslist scammer

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Got a phone call that it was a radio station giving away a cruise to the Caribbean if you answer 3 music questions. They ended up getting me to press the numbers "3-2-3". This was fake as the information they gave me about their website is fake and there is no such radio station is Maryland.

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Called 4-10-2017, 7:16pm, no sound, spammer

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called 4-8-2017 4:43pm Spam, no sound. Spammer

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called 4-6-2017 11:39am Spammer: Hi, my name is Danielle from homepro, and I would like to offer you a free in home consultation for any remodeling job that you may need press 1 to book your in home consultation and to get more information or press 2 to be removed from the list.

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called 4-7-2017 3:03pm, Spammer, said his name is Bob, calling talk noise in the background, sound go in and out.

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Called 4-7-2017 10:18am, no sound, spammer

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Called 4-6-2017 9:45am, Now I know you're going to have a lot of questions, so I'll just briefly go over a couple of highlights 1st. You will receive an all you can eat and drink for 5 days and 4 nights. Which is valued at over $1,800 also as an added bonus you will receive a free 5 day 4 night magical, Orlando get away which includes your accommodations and disney tickets to any disney theme park. Which alone is valued at over $1,800 just for taking advantage of one of our all inclusive exotic destination promotions, and I just need to ask you a few questions to see if you qualify is that okay? Okay, great. Kurt show that you are at least 28 years old and that you still have a current credit or debit card press. I'm so sorry about that. I was having trouble hearing you are you at least 28 years old and have a valid credit or debit card. Hey, that's no problem. I'm sorry to have bothered you, and I hope you have a good day.

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Called 4-5-2017 3:28pm, no sound, spammer

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Called continuously

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called 4-4-2016 12:48pm, no sound, spammer

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Called 4-3-2017 9:27am, scammer

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Have called about a dozen times in last message ever left. Finally answered today. Call center noise in background and they never respond and they eventually hang up.

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called 3-31-2017, no sound, spammer

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called 3-28-2017, 4:32pm, left audio message but cannot understand what he said. Spam caller

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Call scam wants you to say yes to charge you for things

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called 3-28-2017 9:05am, spam robot call, no sound

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called 3-27-2017 9:22am, robot spam call, lower interest rate.

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Calls and hangs up.

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They have been calling me all day....told me that I owed almost $1000 for some pay day loan from 2014. I've never gotten a payday loan in my life and told them that. Wanted me to settle with them and I told them I wasn't getting anything. They then told me that I now will have 2 felonies and to get a defense attorney because I will need it. And supposedly I will have a warrant out for my arrest

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They called me threatening me. They had my address my social. Saying I was waiving my right to an attorney putting out an indictment against me. Very rude and threatening

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These guys are full of ****. Don't let them scare you. If you owed anyone money, it would be civil and not criminal. These people piss me off because I'm afraid they'll get ahold of some elderly person who will buy into their scheme.

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A bunch of fools. Complete scare scam. They called from a 330 area code last week. One day they're brown and ****ociates. Next they're Mancini and ****ociates. Essentially they're full of **** and ****ociates. Hang up and block the number.

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Keeps calling

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This number keeps calling me telling me I am part of an investigation and they need to speak with me or my attorney. It's not the only number that keeps calling me but I'm reporting this number and will report all the others as well when they call back.

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Called claimed to be a company that is going to move forward with a PayDay loan case from about 10 years ago (that I have no recollection of), claimed I had committed a Class E felony, they moving forward with my case today and if I don't pay like $600 at the tim, they would issue a warrant. Then kept calling back after I hung up and said "You Going To Jail Today"

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Don't know who they are will not leave voice message

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Called 3-21-2017 10:34am, Hey, did landline systems to wireless video systems again absolutely free you know Steve's know that by cutting the phone lines outside your home. It will disable your outdated alarm system and studies show that 1 in 15 homes are being broken into every single day, and I just have one question are you a home owner interested in receiving a free home security system. I'm sorry. I didn't hear you clearly are you a home owner interested in receiving a free ge home security system. Are you a home owner interested in receiving a free home security system? Okay, well thank you for your time, and have a great day.

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number just called now not in service

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I don't want to be on their call list.

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Fake recorded message--don't answer

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413 areas

# NPANXX OCN Phone Service County State
1 413-489 8700 RNK, INC. Shelbunfls MA
2 413-683 7755 GLOBAL NAPS, Chicopee MA
3 413-346 4084 PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, Northadams MA
4 413-677 7755 GLOBAL NAPS, Colrain MA
5 413-803 7755 GLOBAL NAPS, Williamstn MA
6 413-899 7421 AT&T LOCAL So deerfld MA
7 413-230 4036 NEW CINGULAR Amherst MA
8 413-561 8700 RNK, INC. Holyoke MA
9 413-206 3370 CTC COMMUNICATIONS Chicopee MA
10 413-436 9102 VERIZON NEW Warren MA
11 413-768 6387 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP Greenfield MA
12 413-748 9102 VERIZON NEW Springfld MA
13 413-541 7755 GLOBAL NAPS, Greatbngtn MA
14 413-256 9102 VERIZON NEW Amherst MA