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call, no sound, spammer

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Spam calls from same (408) 479 prefix, numerous calls since Sept 2016408 479 1574408 479 6276408 479 3924408 479 4336408 479 4865408 479 2855

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And you qualify for a 75% savings on an amazing 4 day 3 night vacation Getaway in Magical, Orlando, Florida and a 3 day 2 night stay in sunny South Florida where you will then depart on a fabulous 2 night cruise to the bahamas and as an added bonus you will receive an unlimited mileage rental car. So you can visit all the attractions now. Here's the best part we're going to include your breakfast lunch and dinner for your entire vacation as well as your entertainment on board the cruise, and I only have a few questions to ask before a transfer you to a personal travel coordinator. Who gave you?Spammer - vacation telemarket

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I constantly receive calls from this number. They never leave a message.

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Relentless calls, don't know who they are! Ugh.. just stop..

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Trying to scam $1150 from my 87 year old mother. Was very rude and started using f bombs when i refused to pay

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This number calls our office every day and when I pick up - there's no one on the other line. I have yet to speak with anyone.

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Calls and wants me to call them back

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received a text message about getting money wired monthly... seriously??? stop please I am too busy for this nonsense!

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Free Florida vacation scam

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This person is a stalker, con person, and a very disturbed individual. Avoid at all costs.

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Called 2-15-2017 11:23amspam, selling solar

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Called 2-14-2017, 3:58pm, no sound, spammer

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Called from 408-544-7375 on 2-14-2017, 12:00pm. No sound. Spammer.

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Constantly calls asking the same above thing and when I block there number they call back a few days later from a different number

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This was the dumbest longest call ever...... Do not answer your damn phone. Do not send them ****

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The call from that number came in as Texas Coalition. I'm no fun for these prankster to call as I answer the phone "Lt. Carter speaking. Can't take your call right now. Leave your name, number and msg. and I'll get back to you or enter 1 to speak to Sgt. Davis". DARN. They always hang up.

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Woman called at work stating she was with a vehicle protection agency, not even saying hello and asking if I still owned by car of year xxx and brand xxx. When I stated I am sorry you are calling me at work what is this regarding.. she responded ok be a "c*nt" and hung up the phone.

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Called and asked "Can you hear me". We are a business so I answered yes. Have heard they can request credit cards using this answer.

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Text message saying " Do this so I can leave you a video message"

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This person just called me stating she was calling about PG

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Spam robot seller of resort vacation, baa, baa, ---- , called 2-6-2016 11:01am

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no sound, spammer, call 1-17-2017 3pm, 4:40pm

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478 areas

# NPANXX OCN Phone Service County State
1 478-429 6744 SOUTHERN COMMUNICATIONS Byromville GA
2 478-206 6540 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP Wadley GA
3 478-837 381 PUBLIC SERVICE Roberta GA
4 478-922 9417 BELLSOUTH TELECOMM Warnerrbns GA
5 478-476 9417 BELLSOUTH TELECOMM Macon GA
6 478-791 6612 PROTECOM ATLANTA, Macon GA
7 478-278 6540 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP Dublin GA
8 478-752 9417 BELLSOUTH TELECOMM Macon GA
9 478-433 4332 WINDSTREAM GEORGIA Byromville GA
10 478-668 377 PINELAND TELEPHONE Adrian GA
11 478-575 6298 ALLIED WIRELESS Wrightsvl GA
12 478-646 9417 BELLSOUTH TELECOMM Macon GA
13 478-230 6540 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP Cochran GA
14 478-333 612C COX GEORGIA Centervl GA
15 478-220 8718 SPRINT COMMUNICATIONS Eastman GA