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Said they were calling about my credit card and I do not have any credit cards, said I had no balance but they needed to talk to me.

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Sketchy Solicitor from Western Pacific Building Materials

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Getting many calls from this number daily on Cell Phone.

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Called 1-3-2017 2:05pm, no sound, spammer

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Write a complaint...

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This number is calling and Katrina is that woman taking the call after being warned MULTIPLE time to NOT CALL me. I want to get further info on that number to be able to build my COMPLAINT.

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Called about 20 times in 2 minutes. Some nonsense about solar panels. Block!!!

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Person called asking for the "head doctor" , when I asked him what his name was he said Richard Davis. I asked where he was calling from and what he would like to speak to him about. He told ME I was being vague, didn't answer me, was very rude and then hung up.

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This person texted me five times in one day saying they say me at a bus stop, when I don't even take a bus ever. Weird.

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My phone plan with Verizon take minutes and monies from my account if I answer. I won't answer when I see a number that I don't recognize. Please stop them from spam dialing.

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Asked for me and hung up

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Même experience, fido m'a confirmé également que ce n'etait pas eux qui Avait envoyé le texto et de ne jamais suivre le lien fourni dans le texto.

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Ils m'ont envoyé un message texte de la part de Fido en disant que mon compte en ligne est bloqué par mesure de sécurité et de remplir le formulaire en cliquant sur le lien et demande des informations relatif au compte et Fido me confirme que c'est de la fraude et quand j'ai envoyé un message ils m'ont téléphoner en se disant qu'il sont de Fido et en les confrontant ils s'emporte et t'insulte

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Scam. Called offering a free stay at Marriott hotels.

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Called three days in a row now looking for someone else. I've told them they have the wrong number, and they keep hanging up and calling back.

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please stop calling me

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This place needs to be closed down

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This dude is a fraud

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Fake hvac

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dam dead pc of crap calls every now and then under this number or private and hangs up unsafe caller spam or thief liar ....................

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Open line, no voice answer

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Call quite frequently, almost everyday. When the answering machine comes on they hang up without leaving a message. I don't know anyone in Hudson Michigan nor do I know where it is located. Just wish they would quit bothering me.

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Lady calling soliciting sex for money , beware

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who number is it

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516 areas

# NPANXX OCN Phone Service County State
1 516-645 6630 USA MOBILITY Nassauzn05 NY
2 516-323 997E BANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, Nassauzn06 NY
3 516-302 7421 AT&T LOCAL Nassauzn02 NY
4 516-507 7421 AT&T LOCAL Nassauzn05 NY
5 516-994 4036 NEW CINGULAR Selden NY
6 516-439 6622 OMNIPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, Nassauzn01 NY
7 516-345 7343 GLOBAL CROSSING Nassauzn06 NY
8 516-913 7059 BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, Nassauzn05 NY
9 516-485 9104 VERIZON NEW Nassauzn05 NY
10 516-622 7126 CABLEVISION LIGHTPATH, Nassauzn08 NY
11 516-224 8340 XO NEW Coldspghbr NY
12 516-467 8340 XO NEW Nassauzn01 NY
13 516-216 6232 NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS, Nassauzn02 NY
14 516-699 7766 ALLEGIANCE TELECOM, Nassauzn05 NY
15 516-221 9104 VERIZON NEW Nassauzn09 NY