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Just text out of no where. Probably most likely from my CL add

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Person called me about buying an extended warranty for a leased vehicle that I hadn't had possession of for over 6 months. When I tried to complain and tell her I was on the do not call list she promptly hung up on me. I would NEVER buy an extended warranty over the phone unless I was speaking to an authorized car dealership.

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Called saging I had been qualified for a federal government grant.

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Several harassing phone calls a day, refusing to take us off their call list, breaking the law

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Caller states that you have been chosen to receive $9,000 government grant. Then ask you if you would like to know why you were chosen. Answering "yes" could allow them to record your voice and possibly use it to open accounts in your name, if they have been able to mine other personal information. If you answer yes, search for "reporting identity theft to credit bureau" and alert them so they can place an alert requiring you be contacted by phone prior to any approval of credit in your name.

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Someone or something calls from this number and does not even respond to my answer. It feels like they are trying to find out if I'm home or something. I call the number back and no one ever answers.

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Some indian "certification" scam.

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They are pestering me to death!!! Asking for someone that doesn't live here nor have I ever heard of the person

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Said I had free money. Heavy accent. Total scam

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Scam. Marriott free night scam

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called 3 times; 2 minutes apart

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6463571923 Speaks poor English, said she was calling to inform me that I'd been selected to get $9000 from a federal grant and that there was no need to pay it back. By then I was laughing at her and told her that they were lame and needed a better scam. She hung up. I blocked the number. I'm sure there'll be more tomorrow.

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They told me that I had money that they could give me. Grant money

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Calling didn't live a massage,

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Accent too thick to understand. Sorry

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told me they were from United Health Car

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said they were from the federal grant dept.

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People should be careful of this number. I was the victim of a cat fishing attempt from a gentleman named Mark who had a South African accent and claimed to originally be from there but was temporarily in Cuba buying land because of all the great "opportunity" there. He tried to ask for money after sending flowers to me - wanted 5-10K. Beware of this number and cat fishing scams. Don't ever give money to them. He went by the name Mark Hill.

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Hi We had a phone query from 09-8889231. The guy named Reymond Clark wants to order 10 cabinets from us and pay it by credit card. Please advise if that could be a fraud. My email address is if you would like to send me a reply.Kind RegardsLeo

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Started texting me in response to an ad I placed on Craig's List seeking housing for 70 year old Vietnam widow with Parkinson's. Texted offered a 3/2 apartment at Torrey Villas in San Diego for $1,000 per month ($2,400 below market rate). Refused to self identify. Wouldn't answer basic questions about a lease or square footage or ADA accessibility. Concluded he had played me. Cruel joke!

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This person is a scam artist. He has stolen our information on Craigslist. He asks people to drive by our apartment building and if they like the building then they can send him a deposit on an apartment that he is not associated with. We have had almost a dozen people come by the property. He states the rent is $1350 with a $680 deposit. He wants people to send him the deposit without seeing the apartment. The rent on this apartment is $2250 - there is NOTHING in our area for a 2/2 anywhere close to the fake rent. RUN DON'T WALK FROM THE SCAM ARTIST.

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Suspected craigslist scammer

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Extremely disrespectful, threatening, and unprofessional conduct unbecoming of a professional.

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631 areas

# NPANXX OCN Phone Service County State
1 631-983 8340 XO NEW Babylon NY
2 631-624 6959 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP Brentwood NY
3 631-639 7140 TELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS Brentwood NY
4 631-856 7343 GLOBAL CROSSING Hamptnbays NY
5 631-228 8340 XO NEW Shoreham NY
6 631-470 7126 CABLEVISION LIGHTPATH, Huntington NY
7 631-279 6630 USA MOBILITY Brentwood NY
8 631-479 1215 CORETEL NEW Huntington NY
9 631-627 7126 CABLEVISION LIGHTPATH, Patchogue NY
10 631-456 6959 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP Brentwood NY
11 631-590 7343 GLOBAL CROSSING Ronkonkoma NY
12 631-554 6630 USA MOBILITY Brentwood NY
13 631-558 6630 USA MOBILITY Riverhead NY
14 631-317 4036 NEW CINGULAR Patchogue NY
15 631-702 321 CONVERGENT TELESIS Southamptn NY